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My purpose is to bring compassion, attention, and a whole-body, holistic approach to health care. Too often western health care doesn’t take time to really talk to a client to get the full story or to make sure the client understands what procedures are being performed and why. It is important to me that you are involved in your health, and understand what my process is, why I’m asking a particular question, or why I’m feeling your pulses or looking at your tongue. I explain what the formula I recommend is designed to do and what improvements you should look for. I want to make sure that you are comfortable with the care you are receiving and understand what the process entails. You will see this approach during the Initial consultation which is approximately an hour long to allow us to discuss your experience from your perspective, allowing me to truly understand what your health complaint entails and how it affects you. This enables me to target symptoms with the most impact on you and customize an herbal plan to best improve your life.

In addition to herbs, I will offer suggestions for diet and lifestyle, and work with you to tailor those suggestions into achievable goals that fit in with your life.

I stock approximately 250 herbs in my apothecary. That variety, combined with a high level of herbal knowledge, allows me to customize formulas to best match my client’s needs. There are times where a prepared Classical Chinese formula fits a client beautifully, but there are other times where a customized formula would be better suited, and I provide this on premises.To make herbal formulas as easy to take as possible, a variety of delivery options are available - tea, tincture, powder, capsules. Capsules and tinctures are the most popular. Click here to learn more about these options.

Barbara Scavotto, EWCH

Barbara Scavotto

I am a clinical herbalist specializing in Traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine, this means I see clients with the goal of improving their health and wellness using strategies and herbs from Traditional Chinese medicine and herbs from the Western Herbal Tradition. I am trained to understand nuances of individual herbs and the art of formulation, so in addition to existing formulas, I often make custom formulas for clients.

I graduated with honors from The East West School of Planetary Herbology’s Professional Herbalist course in March 2018, and am pursuing their certification program, (EWCH) as well as the Registered Herbalist designation through the American Herbalists Guild (RH, AHG)*.

Prior to East West, I graduated from two different Western Herbalism courses, including Rosemary Gladstar’s Science and Art of Herbalism.

I am the Director of Operations for the Hsin Fa School of Energetic and Herbal Medicine and teach medicine making and traditional therapies there as well

An avid gardener, I grow and harvest several varieties of Chinese and Western herbs, and use them in my apothecary as well.

*Herbalism is not a licensed profession in the United States, thus, the Registered Herbalist designation (RH, AHG) is a way to measure and enforce a standard of skill and training of clinical herbalists.

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