Herbal Consultations

Consultations can be done in person or over the phone (including Skype or FaceTime).

Initial Consultations last for approximately one hour. During this time you and I will discuss your health history, concerns, symptoms and goals. Towards the end of the visit I will feel your pulses and look at your tongue. Gathering this information helps me organize your health concerns into patterns from a Chinese medical perspective which forms the basis by which I choose your herbal formula or formulas or other treatment protocols.

In the days following your appointment, I will develop a customized plan for you and make formulas as needed. A time will be arranged for you to pick up your formulas, or they can be mailed to you.

Once a treatment protocol begins I will schedule you for recheck appointments that last approximately 30 minutes and will be scheduled 5-7 days after you have been on your formula. Rechecks help me follow your progress and ensure the formula and other treatments are working as expected and that you are seeing good results.

Recheck appointments will happen each week for approximately 3-4 weeks or until we ensure the treatment and formulas are the right match for you. Once we agree that you are seeing consistent improvement, rechecks will be spaced out more.

Cupping and Gua Sha

Cupping and Gua Sha are bodywork techniques that decrease pain and inflammation and promote healing, they are incredibly effective for both acute and chronic injury. Both therapies work by moving stagnation and blood that is stuck deep in the tissue up to the surface where the body can clear it away more easily. Many times clients notice immediate improvements after these therapies. I often combine these two techniques with topical herbal preparations during the therapy, and with formulas for the client to take after.


Please note that these therapies do leave temporary marks on the body. These marks fade in roughly 7-10 days. I will explain this in greater detail and provide photos of what to expect during your session.

As part of a regular herbal consultation or recheck visit, these therapies (either or both) are $10.

As a separate appointment, these therapies cost $50 (appointment fee is included). Please note I do require an initial consultation prior to these therapies to ensure they are right for you and your condition or injury.

Korean Hand Therapy and Auricular Therapy

These therapies work with the concept of meridians, just like acupuncture. In this case, there are smaller meridians that mimic areas of the body on both of the hands, and the ear lobes. Korean Hand Therapy is used by either applying acupressure or small seeds or magnets to specific points on the hands.



Ear SeedFor Auricular Therapy, small seeds are applied to points in and around the ear lobe. Much like acupuncture, these therapies can assist with many complaints including insomnia, headaches, digestive trouble, stress, and many others. I use these techniques as adjuncts to herbal formulas.

Other common services

  • Gua Sha (sometimes called “scraping”)
  • Moxibustion
  • Ear Seeding (Auricular Therapy)
  • Korean Hand Therapy
  • Reiki

Intake Forms

Please download, complete and return prior to your first appointment.


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